Miau there,

my name shoul be known to you already, it s Maja, better Biene Maja.
The 3 "Bigs" were that kind to offer me some space on their homepage. For this, I will thank them forever, because through this, I found my big love
Look at my description, to know more details about me, and if you want to
write to me, just do it!


Name: Biene Maja

Breed: Domestic Cat (with a drop of Bengal Cat)

Calling names: Maja, Majabelle, Mexiko


Sternzeichen: Jungfrau

Father: unknown

Mother: unknown

Marital status: in love-with Willi

Children:none (I m neutred)

Height: 30 cm

Weight: 4 kg


Hobbies: going stalking in the garden, catching mice,
              flies & co, eating, sleeping, playing, dreaming of Willi